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First Vista service pack rumoured to be significantly delayed

No Vista SP1 ’til 2009?

Silicon Valley rumour site valleywag.com has claimed an "iron-clad" source has revealed Microsoft will not be releasing Vista SP1 until 2009, although ‘betas’ could emerge by the end of this year.

Many PC users, especially in the business community, have been reluctant to move from Windows XP to Vista until the first service pack comes out to deal with the inevitable teething problems. While some may be happy to keep using XP til 2009, others may consider using alternative operating systems.

The biggest pressure felt by a heavily delayed SP1 will be on the part of PC makers, however, as any doubts over the desirability of pre-SP1 Vista could affect sales of new PCs.

Acer boss Gianfranco Lanci told Financial Times Deutschland recently that "The whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista. I really don’t think that someone has bought a new PC specifically for Vista."

Pressure is also being applied by the technology media, with Hexus.net publisher David Ross telling PC Retail "I’ve just upgraded again – to Windows XP with Service Pack 2."

"Perhaps Service Pack 1 for Vista will make a big difference and iron out all the serious issues – whenever it does turn up," he added. "Right now, though, I’m sticking with Windows XP and advising everyone I know to do likewise – and I’m going to take a lot of persuading to try Vista again any time soon."

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