Research on super-fast Wi-Fi technology is under way

Georgia Tech develops 15GBps wireless

Georgia research group, Electronic Design Center at Georgia Tech has recently released a study demonstrating high-speed wireless data transfers at a staggering 15Gbps at a one-metre range.

The system, named 802.15.3C, is still under development and data transfer rates decline steeply with added distance (10Gbps at two meters, 5Gbps at five meters). At 10Gbps, researchers speculate it’s possible to download the entire DVD of Beaches to a mobile phone in five seconds.

At present the 60GHz band used for transmission cannot pass through human skin, however engineers are attempting to counter this.

The technology will likely be used for Personal Access Networks where data is swapped in direct line-of-sight. Future plans for the technology include, lowering the power consumption and increasing bandwidth.

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