Microsoft's profits up, AMD shows signs of improvement and Google up, but not enough

Mixed results for big computing names

Microsoft, AMD and Google have all had varied quarters it has emerged after the various companies announced their quarterly results.

Microsoft had the best quarter with a 13 per cent increase in its fourth quarter revenue and a further 7.3 percent jump in the company’s net income. Quarterly revenue reaches $13.37 billion dollars, while annual revenue climbed to $51 billion – up 15 per cent. Microsoft’s net income also topped $14 billion for the year.

However, even it still took some significant hits; the recent problems with the Xbox 360 costing it $1.89 billion as our sister site MCV reports.

AMD appears to be turning its fortunes around after it announced its figures for the company’s second quarter. After seeing Intel eroding into its market share this year, a result of the backlash Intel instigated after losing significant market share to the smaller chip maker, AMD has seen its global market share rise to 11.4 per cent, while Intel saw its share drop by the identical amount to 80.3 per cent.

Google however saw a year-on-year rise in revenue of 58 per cent, but was immediately met with questions from Wall Street about what went wrong. The company saw revenue hit $3.87 billion, up from $2.46 billion last quarter. Profits where also up reaching $925 million compared to $721 million last quarter.

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