The unfortunately named iTV Con has kicked off in San Jose

Future of TV debated

Traditional TV is dead and AppleTV is not the way forward were the key messages to come out of the Internet TV conference in San Jose as reported by The Register.

Google’s iTV man Vincent Dureau announced: "On the surface, television as we know it looks dead. But the future of television is actually pretty bright," in a ‘The King is dead, long live the Google’ sort of way.

"A lot of the recipes and lessons that work on the web can actually apply to TV," he continued, before concluding that because of the fragmentation of audiences into ever smaller niches, "they’ve reached a point where they expect the ad to be relevant and they’re more likely to watch it."

Meanwhile Graham Kinahan of AMD enthused about a world in which PCs, rather than specialised devices such as AppleTV, are the conduits between web-aquired media and the telly.

"AppleTV has done a great job is bridging this gap," he said, "But is it enough to sell volume? AppleTV is a walled-garden platform. It’s not sufficiently open to enable all the people out there who want to create video content on the web."

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