First hardware likely to hit retail in September

Windows Home Server ships

Microsoft has announced that Windows Home Server has begun to be released to manufacturers to install on to their products.

According to the publisher, major Microsoft partners will be receiving final code for the software in the coming weeks, with the first Windows Home Server products reaching retailers this September. Among the vendors producing servers for the software are HP, Gateway and Fujitsu-Siemens.

According to arstechnica: "System builder" code, which is partner-speak for the shrink-wrap "OEM version," should be available in approximately two month’s time, which is also when a 120-day evaluation copy should also rear its head. French, German and Spanish editions won’t be far behind."

General manager of Windows Home Server, Charlie Kindel said on the company’s official blog: "A community of highly enthusiastic customers rose around us. We made them part of the development process and rewarded them and they amplified our efforts. Congratulations and thanks for helping ship the coolest version of Windows ever: Windows Home Server."

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