Lack of console and PC hardware figures are " misleading and misrepresentative"

BDA hits back at HD-DVD 74 per cent European claim

Following on from last week’s claims by the European HD-DVD Promotional Group that HD-DVD now has 74 per cent market share, the Blu-ray Association (BDA) has hit back at the lack of console-influenced figures.

It claims that the European HD-DVD Promotional Group’s failure to include figures of both PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC drive sales is "misleading and misrepresentative" of market trends and distorts who the real market lead is.

The BDA however did conceed that HD-DVD "does have sales advantage for several reasons", although did not go into details.

According to the BDA, if console and PC hardware figures were to be included in sales figures, Blu-ray would account for 95 per cent of all retail sales of next generation DVD hardware.

However, Warner Bros senior vice president of high definition media, Steve Nickerson warned that it was unwise to include console sales when considering next generation DVD market share.

"These figures are especially important because the standalone player market is by far the biggest driver of movie sales in the long-term."

"This is simply because those who buy a standalone player are interested solely in buying and watching movies and other video content, whereas those with HD drives built into games consoles are primarily interested in games."

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