Peripherals specialist Cherry has launched a keyboard that uses the Klingon alphabet

Cherry gets trekky

The keyboard enables users to use the Klingon language and fonts on their computers. According to Chancellor Stalker Zantai Subaiesh of the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps on Earth, “PC users will now be able to work directly in Klingon and interface seamlessly with commercial Klingon systems, bringing Human and Klingon cultures closer together.”

Michael Groom, General Sales Manager at Cherry Electrical Products Ltd commented: “The Klingon keyboard is the first step in providing PC input devices for all Federation cultures and will aid communications between Earth and other cultures within the Federation that fall outside the domain of Starfleet command."

Options include smartcard and/or fingerprint recognition support, long life versions with individual keys providing over 50 million operations, low-profile keyboards, integrated USB hub, touchpad, bar code decoder and inscribable keys, amongst others.

Romulan and Vulcan versions will follow soon.

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