Nearly 30 Games for Windows titles on the way to the PC

Microsoft kicks off E3

Microsoft last night kicked off this year’s newly revamped E3 Media and Business Summit with its pre-E3 conference with the announcement of a raft of new Games for Windows titles.

The conference, which took place at the amphitheatre of the Santa Monica High School, saw the announcement of nearly 30 new titles due to carry the Games for Windows brand including titles from major 3rd party publishers including Activision, Midway, Sega and THQ. In addition, several publishers have also announced that their titles will support the Games for Windows Live.

Microsoft also took the opportunity to announce several games to be ported from the Xbox 360 including Gears of War and Viva Piñata.

"Windows gaming is set to see one of its best years ever," said Peter Moore, corporate vice president of the Interactive Entertainment Business in the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft. "With an incredible range of phenomenal titles, amazing hardware and the rapid adoption of Windows Vista, Windows gamers will remember holiday 2007 as a landmark year for PC gaming."

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