But industry faces tough competition from LCD industry according to experts

OLEDs to over take LCD within years

LCD screens are facing increasing competition with experts predicting that they could be replaced by OLED’s within years.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports: "An OLED screen uses as much as 40 per cent less power than a comparable LCD and could be twice as thin because it does not need backlighting.

"In hand-held devices, display consumes power most. It’s all about power and then maybe brightness," said Lehman Brothers analyst James Kim in South Korea.

Analysts suggest that Apple’s iPhone is one example of a consumer product that would benefit greatly from the use of OLEDs.

"It makes sense (for Apple) to move to OLED screens. They are working to improve the battery issue," said Kim Woon-ho, an analyst at Prudential Investment & Securities. "OLED makers have some expectations for Apple’s switch, too, although there’s no firm plan yet."

"LCD companies are working to improve LCD panels," Prudential’s Kim said. "It may take years for the (OLED) market to grow if the trend continues."

According to the Sydney Morning Herald: "Some industry experts reckon OLED technology – which began life powering car radios – may end up on large televisions."

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