Rival alleges recent Hewlett Packard claims were "disingenuous."

Kyocera accuses HP of false advertising

Hewlett Packard has been accused by Japanese firm, Kyocera of making false claims in a recent advertisement for its Colour LaserJet CP3505 printer.

The advertisements apparently claim that customers will only need to change the toner during the life of HP’s Colour LaserJet CP3505. However, Kyocera alleges that the statements are misleading because of the composition of the printer’s cartridges.

It alleges that the printer uses legacy print cartridges from HP’s earlier LaserJet 3600 and 3800. The cartridges it claims contain print drums, cleaning parts and other mechanical parts, which Kyocera claims negates HP’s statement that only the toner needs changing during the printer’s lifetime.

It also claims that the practise of using legacy print cartridges costs consumers 7.5 pence per page, 61 per cent higher than its own printers.

"The fact is that the LaserJet CP3505 is a throwaway product, designed to be disposed of at the end of its short life," said general manager at Kyocera UK, Ian Joslin. "To dress this up in claims of economy is disingenuous and amounts to false advertising."

Further more, he stated that he believes HP is engaged in a ‘smoke and mirrors’ operation aimed at preventing its customers from realising the "short life, high waste nature of its technology."

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