Three separate entities to emerge after wide ranging reforms

Asustek set to restructure business

Asustek has announced that it is to split into three separate entities early next year.

The split will be separated into two parts, with the initial restructuring seeing the manufacturing and branded sections become separate. Asustek said that the initial split was in order to remove the responsibility of manufacturing from the branded operation and allow it to focus on developing the business in new global markets.

Speaking about the initial split, product development manager at National Investment Trust, Taiwan Jerry Chang said: "It should be positive to the company."

The manufacturing side of the business will also be divided after the initial restructuring into two separate and distinct divisions – Pegatron and Unihan. Pegatron will handle the PC related manufacturing while Unihan will look after the company’s line of non-PC products.

The restructuring is due to begin early next year Asustek CEO, Jonney Shih commented this morning in a press conference.

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