Dignity abandoned in the quest for the holy phone

iPhone fervour reaches tragic proportions

Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone has gone on sale in the US – with hundreds of consumers queuing up for days to get their hands on the new gadget on Friday. According to the BBC Online more than 600 people lined up outside two Apple stores in New York. Apple limited sales to two iPhones per consumer.

Among the more fanatical shoppers interviewed by the BBC was Jessica Rodriguez, who had been queuing since Tuesday morning. "It feels great, oh my God, overwhelming. I never thought this day would come – and now it finally has, it’s mind-blowing," she said.

Shawn King, (pictured) a Canadian DJ who hosts a show called Your Mac Life, was similarly aroused. "We’ve been looking forward to this for so long, been talking about it, thinking about it, reading about it.

"Nothing matches this – it’s like going to a rock concert. As I went down the stairs in the store I was thinking ‘this is what Sting feels’. I’m going to run home and ring people just to say ‘guess what, I’ve got an iPhone, bye!’"

The iPhone – which is priced at $499 for a four gigabyte version or $599 for the eight gigabyte model – will launch in Europe later this year, and in Asia in 2008. Apple is expecting to sell some 10 million units by 2008 to claim a one per cent share of the mobile phone sector.

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