Warnings arise that expectations may have reached unattainable levels

Analysts question iPhone forecasts

Apple is at a significant risk of falling short of achieving its ambitions with the iPhone analysts have warned just days before it is due to go on sale in the US. The most optimistic predictions are that it will sell 200,000 of the devices in its first two days on sale, with a further three million sold before the end of the year.

However, Apple has stated itself that it predicts ten million iPhones to have sold before the end of 2008 – a rate that would put it ahead of the organisation’s hugely successful iPod at a similar point.

It is this predicted ability to outdo the Apple’s iPod that is worrying analysts and investors alike. There are concerns that Apple’s market value could crash if it turns out it has misjudged the potential of the iPhone.

Speaking on Bloomberg.com about the risks the product faces during its first two days on sale, Pacific Crest Securities analysts, Andy Hargreaves said: “There’s definitely a lot of buzz. If they only sell 100,000, that would be bad,” warning that the stock could fall drastically. Hargreaves is one of the two analysts predicting that the iPhone could sell 200,000 units in its first two days on sale.

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