14,000 battery packs affected as overheating worries force voluntary recall

Gateway announces laptop battery recall

Gateway has issued a voluntary recall of around 14,000 batteries in response to four customers experiencing overheating issues. The manufacturer has stated that the affected batteries are those found in Gateway 400VTX and 450ROG series laptops, sold between May 2003 and August 2003.

The US-based firm has said the specific batteries affected are those labelled with part numbers 6500760 and 6500761. Originally made by Samsung, the packs were manufactured by Taiwanese-firm Simplo Technology. Gateway is strongly advising owners of potentially affected laptops to check their batteries. Any packs needing replacing will be exchanged immediately with Gateway offering free replacement batteries.

The company is also recommending that owners remove the batteries from their computers but is also stressing that the laptops can continue to be used while the pack is absence, albeit using the AC adaptor.

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