CDW has been bought out, and analysts are predicting aggressive expansion to follow

Reseller colossus to target UK channel?

US based CDW, the world’s largest reseller, has been bought out by technology fund Madison Dearborn Partners (MDP) for £3.7bn – which analysts say could set the stage for a European expansion.

According to Microscope, it has been expected for a while now that the firm would set up an operation in Europe since the chairman and CEO John Edwardson hinted at such a move two years ago.

"We are pleased to partner with the world-class investment firm MDP, whose investment goals are closely aligned with our strategy and long-term objectives," said Edwardson.

Jeremy Davies, co-founder and CEO of Context Research, has warned UK retailers that they could be under threat from aggressive behaviour from the newly private entity: “The shackles are off without the need to report to Wall Street and the normal tendency is to become more aggressive than original business plans with volume the name of the game.”

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