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Creative Suite 3 sees £1000 mark-up on US price

Adobe defends UK pricing strategy

Cries of outrage have greeted Adobe’s announcement that its Creative Suite 3 Master Collection will cost over £2,300 in the UK – a premium of over £1000 compared to the US shelf price.

ZDNet reports that Adobe’s Northern Europe MD Craig Tegal has said that exchange rates and organisational differences within the company are to blame, adding:

"There has been lots of discussion around the pricing. The level of marketing and support and customer programs that we provide to the partner and the channel is another cost. All of that adds up to being the values we take into consideration when it comes to pricing the product."

He also noted that customer support was another big issues. "The difference between the US and here is that we have multiple languages, multiple countries and we don’t have the same economies of scale.

“US citizens have one version of the product that is being distributed to everybody. In Europe we have eight languages.”

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