Japanese firm to up battle Blu-Ray by bundling hi-def drives

Toshiba to bundle HD-DVD in PCs

DailyTech reports that HD-DVD patent owner Toshiba is considering bundling its high definition HD-DVD drives in its upcoming PC hardware – a tactic that has seen rival Sony edge ahead in the hi-def war.

The incorporation of Sony’s Blu-Ray hi-def DVD format into its recently launched PlayStation 3 console has seen its sales race ahead of Toshiba’s format since the turn of the year.

Whilst console rival Microsoft has stated that it has no plans to incorporate HD-DVD technology into its machine – despite the availability of an external HD-DVD drive – Toshiba is now considering a new push to make its format the standard in computing circles.

Toshiba sold 9.2 million laptops globally in 2006 – so if it decides to press ahead with these plans HD-DVD could experience a significant boost.

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