The Linux distributor has announced its software licence sales have dropped nine per cent

Novell posts multi-million dollar loss

After angering much of the open source community by signing a deal with Microsoft, ensuring the two firm’s would not sue each other over patent infringements, Novell’s software license sales have dropped nine per cent in the first quarter of the 2007 fiscal year.

There was further bad news for the commercial Linux distributor, as sales of maintenance contracts, software subscriptions and other services ended at $191.2 million, down four per cent, while total sales for the quarter came in at $229.6 million, down 5 per cent, reported IT Jungle.

In all, the results amounted to a $19.9 million net loss (about six cents per share) compared to the same period last year in which the firm posted a net profit of $1.9 million (about one cent a share). 

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