B2B optical media market leader to take on the big players in consumer space

New player in consumer storage space

RITEK, best known as a manufacturer and B2B vendor of optical media, has launched Traxdata – its consumer brand – into the UK to take on established players such as Sony Imation and Verbatim.

Traxdata is the European subsidiary of RITEK and therefore has a variety of products ranging from recordable CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD to flash media such as USB drives and memory cards.

It will be launching its new Channel programme for UK retailers, partners and distributors and is therefore hoping to attract interest and recruit new Channel partners from the UK to extend its reach/visibility to consumers.

Traxdata claims to have a brand new value proposition for retailers, strengthened by superior reliability and availability of its production line as well as a broad variety of storage-based consumer electronics products.

One example of this new range is the Yego USB stick (pictured), a flash drive that also functions as a USB hub thanks to it having two USB ports. This is available through Traxdata now and will emerge in the channel during June.

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