£350 for 32GB flash notebook drive

Samsung solid state drive arrives in UK

As the movement away from hard drives and toward solid-state memory gathers pace, Samsung’s 32MB notebook drive has finally arrived in the UK.

Available via UK outfit Just Rams, the drive costs £350 – a fair whack more than you’d pay for an equivalent sized hard drive. Consumers can expect to pay around £65 for a 100GB hard disk at present.

At the moment, Samsung’s device is built from a collection of 4GB flash memory chips, but the firm expects to step up the production of its 8GB model soon, meaning that a 64GB solid state drive shouldn’t be far off.

"This year is about 32GB," Samsung’s manager for flash marketing Ralf Ebert said. "We double the density of memory chips year-on-year.” He added that he expects to ship around 70,000 drives this year.

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