Lawsuit alleges that firm has inappropriately marketed its devices

Apple sued over notebook LCDs

DailyTech reports that computing giant Apple is headed for the courtroom once again over claims that the LCD screens on its MacBook are not capable of meeting the standards the firm claims in its advertising.

The lawsuit points the finger at the glossy screens introduced alongside Apple’s MacBooks last year, which many users have claimed to be grainy as a result of dithering techniques that compensate for the display’s inability to show as many colours as Apple claims.

Dithering is a technique that uses the combination of colours to replicate further colours that it cannot in reality display. The employment of this technique, the lawsuit claims, means that the real number of total displayable colours is actually lower than advertised.

The lawsuit reads: “Many such dissatisfied purchasers were chastised by Apple agents and employees for being too picky about their assessments of the quality of the display. Other dissatisfied purchasers were told that they were imagining the complained about defects.”

The statement goes on to claim that users who voiced their concerns on Apple’s forums saw their posts moderated or removed completely.

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