Puma platform to deliver architectural enhancements to improve performance and increase battery life.

New notebook platform unveiled by AMD

AMD disclosed more details of its next-generation open platform for notebook computing. Codenamed Puma, the platform is designed to deliver battery life, graphics and video processing enhancements and improved overall system performance for an enhanced visual experience.

The “Puma” platform is expected to build on the launches of the AMD M690 mobile chipset and 65nm process-based AMD Turion™ 64 X2 dual-core mobile technology in April and May 2007, respectively.

The key technologies that comprise Puma are AMD’s next-generation notebook processor, codenamed Griffin, matched with the AMD RS780 mobile chipset. AMD is positioning this launch as an example of its enhanced offering resulting from its acquisition and integration of ATI. Notebooks based on the Puma platform are expected to be available in the mid-2008 timeframe.

“Through the combination of our recent processor and chipset launches and the Better by Design program, AMD is constantly establishing new heights of competitiveness in serving the needs of our notebook customers,” said Chris Cloran, vice president, AMD Notebook Division.

“With the unveiling of the “Puma” mobile platform we’re sending a clear signal to the market that we intend to drive continued innovation in notebook computing in 2008 and beyond.”

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