Blogs, video and news to be included in multi-tab layout

Google search gets re-worked

One of the most recognisable and widely used tools in the world of computing, Google Search, is to receive a major re-working as the internet giant looks to make its service more inclusive of the Web 2.0 generation.

Currently any users wishing to look for news or video would have to conduct a separate search for each category. However, soon any searches will filter hits down under a multiple-tab system that will allow surfers to quickly switch between different content results.

“It’s breaking down the silos of information that have been built up,” said Google’s vice president of search and user experience Marissa Mayer. “It’s a broad, long-term vision that will unfold over the next few years.”

In addition, Google’s user interface will undergo some changes, with other Google services, such as G-Mail, becoming accessible via a drop-down menu.

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