PC giant offers hard-drive free portable computing

Dell shows off solid state laptop

Fresh from announcing its new retail-centric sales approach, Dell has unveiled its new solid-state flash memory based laptops at an event in San Francisco.

eWeek reports that the ‘flashtops’ boast a 32GB, 1.8-inch solid state SanDisk flash memory drive. These will be used on its upcoming Latitude D420 Ultramobile and D620 ATG notebooks. However, the change to solid state comes at a price, adding a further $300 to the normal RRP.

The cost of a standalone flash drive is $549.

Abandoning hard drives presents several benefits for PC users. As well as the reliability boost offered, battery life is significantly increased, noise reduced and access speed increased – resulting in faster loading times. Storage sizes are still limited compared to hard drives, however.

Samsung became the first company to showcase hard drive-less PCs at last year’s CeBit Conference in Hannover.

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