Mac users have been barred from the broadcasters’ online services.

BBC and C4 block Macs

Both Channel 4 and the BBC have banned Mac owners from using their video-on-demand services. Both organisations say the ban will remain until Apple resolves its digital rights management issues, reported

Since Apple refuses to licence its FairPlay DRM copy protection to third parties, TV bosses fear that they could get into legal trouble as the programmes would be open to potential copyright abuse.

Only owners of the very latest Macs will be allowed to use the service as they are compatible with Windows copyright protection, said a Channel 4 spokeswoman.

"If Apple sorts out the DRM then it will be offered on Macs," said Rod Henwood, new business director at Channel 4. He said went on to say that while Channel 4 is keen to sort out the situation, no resolution date is in sight.

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