Jobs hits back at the environmental organisation while pointing the finger at HP and Dell.

Apple tells Greenpeace to back off

Greenpeace has continually claimed Apple is one of the world’s worst computer firms at removing toxic chemicals from its products, and attacked it for not taking an aggressive enough stance on recycling.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has responded to these claims in an open letter titled ‘A Greener Apple’. In it, Jobs asserts his firm’s environmental efforts and points out flaws in the policies of rivals such as HP and Dell.

“A note of comparison — In 2007 HP stated that they will remove PVC from all their packaging," it read. "Apple did this 12 years ago. Last year, Dell began the process of phasing out large quantities of brominated flame retardants in large plastic enclosure parts. Apple’s plastic enclosure parts have been bromine-free since 2002.”

He also puts Apple’s bad environmental reputation down to a lack of communication, and specifically the way in which Apple does not broadcast what it is planning to do, only what it has done.

“Upon investigating Apple’s current practices and progress towards these goals, I was surprised to learn that in many cases Apple is ahead of, or will soon be ahead of, most of its competitors in these areas. Whatever other improvements we need to make, it is certainly clear that we have failed to communicate the things that we are doing well."

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