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Hitachi debuts largest ever hard disk at US retail.

One-terabyte hard drive arrives

The world’s largest ever hard disk, boasting a capacity of one terabyte, has gone on sale in the US for $399.

ZDNet reports that the Deskstar 7K1000 houses enough storage room to carry 333,000 hi-res photos, two year’s worth of MP3 music, 125 hours of hi-def movies of 80 hours of uncompressed DV camcorder footage.

Launched in Las Vegas at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the drive is based on perpendicular magnetic recording technology and features a 3.0Gb/s serial-ATA interface and 32 MB data buffer.

Hitachi’s chief marketing officer Shinjiro Iwata described the launch as a "monumental achievement" for the company, stating: “Consumers’ desire to create and share digital entertainment is the primary accelerator for capacity and performance increases in desktop PC hard drives.

“We are proud of the strength of the Deskstar 7K1000 as it is designed to meet the requirements of PC enthusiasts.”

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