T-Mobile launches commuter internet service.

Wi-Fi hits Heathrow Express

Following last week’s news that Central London now offers blanket wi-fi internet coverage courtesy of The Cloud, T-Mobile has launched a new 2mbps service on the entire Paddington to Heathrow fleet.

CNet reports that the service will not reach the previously touted speeds of up to 8Mbps, however.

Wi-fi users need to buy a T-Mobile HotSpot access card to get online, with rates starting at 75p for 10 minutes or an hour’s connection for £5.

The Heathrow Express’ wi-fi service uses a 3.5G HSDPA cellular connection to connect the train to the T-Mobile network. The mobile operator already offers a similar service on the London to Brighton train route.

Train operator GNER already offers on-board Wi-Fi using a combination of a satellite link and mobile 3G/GPRS networks, which enables 100 per cent connectivity.

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