The increased popularity of alternative platforms will lead to more security challenges.

Mac and Linux attacks set to rise

Speaking to consumer PC mag PC Pro, security guru Eugene Kaspersky said that the lukewarm reception of Vista will result in defections to Mac OS and Linux, thus making them more attractive targets for malware writers.

"Home users are not so loyal to the OS. Not many of them are satisfied with Microsoft Vista," Kaspersky told PC Pro. "Some Windows users will switch to other OSes. Microsoft will not lose its dominance, but it will be reduced a bit."

Kaspersky explained that while Mac viruses are no more cunning than Windows ones, it’s difficult to find decent AV software for Macs. The open source nature of Linux makes it intrinsically more vulnerable, apparently.

He also warned that we could expect malware to be written for games consoles and smartphones. "Hackers who develop code for computers don’t know how to write for smartphones," Kaspersky said. "This year they are going to introduce online banking through smartphones and Chinese hackers will turn to smartphone phishing."

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