The vendor is planning a total overhaul of its ink cartridge business.

HP scraps current inkjet system

HP is planning to axe its current ‘one-size-fits-all’ ink cartridge system and instead offer two sizes of cartridge for each printer model.

Current products will be replaced by a ‘standard’ and an ‘XL’ size cartridge. The XL is 30 to 45 per cent cheaper than the standard model on a cost per page basis, according to Computer Active.

The previous systems represented a compromise between frequent and occasional users, but HP is hoping the new system will appeal to both groups. The cartridges will be interchangeable which will allow a large XL black cartridge and a standard colour cartridge in the same printer, for example.

The cartridges have been available since February, but HP has only just announced that it will be committing is entire ink cartridge business over to the new system.

Pradeep Jotwani, senior vice president of HP’s Supplies, Imaging And Printing group, admits that such a fundamental overhaul is a risk, calling the venture "a fairly momentous communications challenge".

"We have been in the business for 20-plus years where we did one cartridge,” he continued. “This is a pretty fundamental change that we want to declare."

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