This time Nvidia may be facing a class-action lawsuit as the Vista readiness of some of its products is disputed.

‘Vista ready’ claim faces another legal challenge

The website is alleging that problems involving ‘Vista Ready Certified’ products running on Vista may give it grounds to launch a class-action lawsuit against Nvidia.

"We believe that nVidia and its manufacturing partners defrauded us," says the site. "Therefore, we are proactively gathering information from victims around the world who have suffered similar harms, and who we believe have also been defrauded."

Earlier this month is was Microsoft itself that was facing legal action over a similar issue. In that case the claim centered around alleged deception around the minimum spec of PC that would be required to run Vista properly.

The Nvida allegations appear to concern driver issues. According to the site, the 8800 series of graphics cards was issued without any drivers and when they were released "all hell broke loose".

The site invites people to post a complaint, but gives no indication as to the number of people who have already done so.

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