The Nvidia GeForce 8600GTS graphics card will be available on its 17th April launch day.

PNY brings 8600GTS to PC World

PNY has announced that they will launch the 8600GTS graphics card with PC World on 17th April. The partnership will ensure that the graphics card will be immediately available to consumers from the date of launch of the product by Nvidia.

Stefanie Summerfield, UK & Nordic sales and marketing Director for PNY said “Our partnership with PC world will bring ground breaking graphics card technology to the high street. Consumers today have become more tech-savvy and our move to sell the 8600GTS in conjunction with PC World reflects customer demand.”

The press release refers to the card as "high End" but many will see it as the mid range alternative to the top of the range 8800GTS. Initial response has been positive, with many applauding the fact that it provides around 70 per cent of the perfomance of the 8800 at about half the price.

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