Speculation finally put to bed as Nvidia teams up with Capcom.

Lost Planet bound for PC

After months of speculation, Capcom has finally confirmed that its Xbox 360 shooter Lost Planet will be released on PC this June.

The Japanese publisher has been working with Nvidia on the PC port, which is said to include a number of enhancements over the original such as an improved multiplayer lobby system and a 2560×1600 resolution – way beyond the much-fangled 1080p.

The game will also be compatible with Microsoft’s new graphics standard, Direct X 10.

“With the resurgence of the PC gaming market, it was a natural decision for us to deliver the Lost Planet experience to gamers on this platform,” said Jack Symon, Capcom’s director of brand marketing. “By employing the latest and greatest technology available, the development team is able to tailor the game for this highly important audience.”

Lost Planet topped the UK charts upon its release in January, and topped the one million global sales mark within a month on sale.

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