CHANNEL EXPO: Chip giant AMD has said that it is going to retake the number one chip manufacturer spot currently held by Intel.

AMD expects to reclaim performance crown

AMD’s Andrew Buxton told PC Retail that the forthcoming X2 5000 and X2 5200 processors "will have superior performance and better Value for users" compared to Intel’s Core 2 Duo.

Taking the performence lead from Intel is imperative to AMD following the succes of the Core2 Duo.

Buxton claimed the processor launches will offer a superior performance verus price than the equivelent Intel products.

Aside from CPUs Buxton was keen to bring attention to AMD’s new 690 chipset with is in direct competition with Nvidia’s GeForce motherboards and claims to offer an entry level gaming option and full Vista functionality.

He also confirmed that the long awaited new discrete graphics products – codenamed R600 – will be launched in May.

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