CHANNEL EXPO 2007: Speedlink, Razor, Anycom and Sitecom make up Meroncourt's selection at this year's show.

Meroncourt shows off its partners

Peripherals company Speedlink has been getting a lot of interest in its PC speakers, while hard-core gaming brand Razer is showing of its ominously titled Death Adder gaming mouse.

Anycom has a simple but inspired bluetooth dongle that connects with iPod speaker docks to enable you to play music from any bluetooth device over the speakers, while Sitecom’s wireless router is going down a storm.

Meroncourt director Steve Walsh (pictured, right) thinks the show is as good as ever. "The show’s going really well, I’ve been very busy," he told PC Retail. "There is an emphasis on quality over quantity regarding the visitors."

Walsh was also keen to bring attention to Meroncourt’s new drop shipping service, which is apparently going down well. "Now there’s no need for resellers to hold stock," he explained.

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