Ahead of its unveiling at CeBit tomorrow, Commodore Gaming has given PC Retail specifications of its high end gaming PC. 

Commodore reveals specs of ‘super human’ PC

After announcing it is to re-enter the high end gaming PC market earlier this month, Commodore Gaming has told PC Retail the exact list of components that will power one of the more formidable systems in the line up, the Commodore Cxx:

Processor: Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core processor QX6700, 2.66 8M Cache

Hard drive/Storage: 2x 150Gb 10000 Rpm Sata Raid 0, 1x 500Gb 7200 Rpm Sata

Memory: 4 Gb Corsair Dominator twin2x2048-8500C5D

Front ports: USBx2 Firewire x 1, HeadPhone x 1 MicroPhone x 1, 7in1 cardreader

Optical drive: Philips DVDRW

Power Supply: 750W Hyper PSU

Audio: SoundBlaster X-Fi

Graphics: 2x nVidia 8800 GTX 768 Mb

Operating system: Vista Ultimate

However, Commodore is remaining tight lipped on the actual cost of the machine. “While I can’t say anything specific about the price structure, the low end will be extremely competitive with the market, and the high end will offer great value for money on super human systems,” sales and marketing manager Sean Charles told PC Retail.

In terms of promoting the range, Charles would only divulge that Commodore is “working closely with the largest name retailers.” He did however reiterate his firm’s intention to take on Alienware, giving the channel a chance to fight back against the Dell owned direct model brand.

“Regarding quality, price and functionality we will go toe to toe with Alienware, bringing huge innovation and added value on design and customisation,” continued Charles.

Online sales of the Commodore Gaming PCs will launch at Cebit, while retail delivery has been confirmed to follow in May.

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