Samsung has announced the launch of the world's first notebook hybrid hard disk drive.

First hybrid hard disks emerge

The MH80 Series hybrid HDDs combine a traditional hard disk with flash technology and will be available in capacities of 80GB, 120GB and 160GB.

The drive’s OneNAND Flash is loaded in capacities of 128MB or 256MB – the benefits of which include 50 per cent quicker operating system boots, faster resume times and a 30 minute increase in battery life.

Samsung says that the new fully Vista compatible MH80 Series consumes 70 to 90 per cent less power than conventional HDDs and are five times as reliable.

While the specifications sound impressive, as yet there is no indication of how much the drives will actually cost.

"As a leader in both hard drive and flash memory technologies, Samsung brings to market a unique hybrid hard drive that is sure to revolutionize the notebook computing experience," said Albert Kim, national sales manager for storage systems at Samsung Semiconductor. "The MH80 hybrid hard drive provides the ideal solution for two major issues that notebook PC users continually face: faster boot and resume performance and extended battery life."

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