Industry legend and chairman of Microsoft Bill Gates today showcased Windows Vista to the UK market at an event in the British Library.

Vista restores the real da Vinci Code

Working in collaboration with the software giant, chief executive of the British Library Lynne Brindley announced the Vista powered digital reunification of Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks, on the day of the operating system’s UK consumer launch. The Vista run British Library technology Turning The Pages 2.0 has allowed the two parts of the notebook to be viewed together for the first time since da Vinci’s death in 1519. The Codex Arundel and the Codex Leicester (known collectively as the Codices) are owned by the British Library and Gates.

“This is a great example of how personal computing has enormous power to change the way we think and learn through digital access to information,” said Gates. “Viewing the two Codices using the British Library’s Turning the Pages 2.0 application on Windows Vista is truly an amazing experience.”

The event also included a special concert featuring UK pop band The Feeling, on behalf of Microsoft partner Universal Music Group whose Vista based music service provides gig information and music clips. Other partners such as Betfair, easyJet, Franklin Covey, IMG Media and ITN also contributed with a series of demonstrations.

“Consumers are driving technology development more than ever, shaping what it allows them to do and expanding the possibilities for how they’ll use it in the future,” continued Gates. “We believe in opening up these possibilities and exploring what we can make happen, and this conviction is at the heart of Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system. In the UK, we have worked closely with partners who share this vision. Today, we are getting a first look at the future of interactive, personalised connected experiences.”

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