Already one of the biggest guns in Xbox 360’s arsenal, Microsoft’s Live service is scheduled to hit PC this summer when it arrives on the firm’s new operating system.

Vista goes Live this summer

Though not identical to the service currently enjoyed by Xbox 360 users, Live on Windows will boast many of the same features, including Friends Lists and cross platform play. Xbox Live title Uno has already been demonstrated working on a Vista PC.

“Vista marks the biggest investment for Microsoft in PC games since Windows 95, making games easier, safer and more fun to play on PC,” Microsoft boss Bill Gates said in today’s CES keynote. “We believe gaming is one of the top reasons to upgrade to Windows Vista.”

As well as a PC version of Xbox Live Arcade hit Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, other games also confirmed for cross platform support include Halo 2 and Shadowrun.

Windows Vista is due for release on January 30th.

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