Philips’ innovative gaming peripheral technology has been formally unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

amBX takes a bow at CES

In keeping with a long tradition of introducing new technologies, Philips has brought a new dimension to gaming through amBX.

The technology consists of a system of coloured lights, speakers and fans which respond to prompts within the code of the game itself and create ambient effects which compliment what is happening on screen.

The system was demonstrated using the THQ real time strategy game Supreme Commando and, it’s claimed by amBX, “transforms the whole gaming experience.”

The launch was quickly followed by the news that amBX is to team with Intel and Image Space on rFactor, a racing game.

Image Space joins the growing list of amBX adopters, which includes THQ, Codemasters and Logic 3. The products are expected to be on the shelves soon, with starter kits expected to cost under £100.

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