Chip giant AMD has begun the process of renaming ATI products under its own brand.

AMD begins phase-out of ATI brand

Following AMD’s acquisition of graphics chip specialist ATI, the first signs of its strategy for re-branding the latter’s product range have emerged. The formerly named ATI CrossFire 1600 and 3200 chipsets will now be called the 480X and 580X respectively, and further renaming can be expected in the future.

The 480X supports two 8x PCI Express slots for graphics, has four additional lanes for general usage 1x boards, can host ten USB ports, four 3Gbps SATA drives and two parallel ATA peripherals. The 580X also contains two 16x PCIe slots. AMD has provided a list of motherboards based on the chipsets on their website

In the future it is expected that AMD-branded desktop chipsets will be suffixed with T for top end, G for mid range, or V for budget. Mobile chipsets will be prefixed with M.

Elsewhere, AMD has recently – and rather quietly – added two top of the line Athlon 64 X2 processors to its public price list, which were not included when the 65nm processors launched on December 5th. The 5400+ and the 5600+ were originally expected to launch in November along with the 6000+, which looks like it will emerge in the New Year.

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