VNU exhibitions, the organiser of Channel Expo, has invited PC Retail readers to submit their suggestions for ways in which the UK's premier technology trade show can be improved.

Your chance to influence Channel Expo

Event director Marieke Visser has backed up her claim, made in the December issue of PC Retail, that the views of PC Retail readers are important to the success of the show.

Not only does Visser want to receive suggestions for the show from retailers, resellers, distributors and vendors alike, but she would also like to know what your views are about trade shows in general.

PC Retail editor Scott Bicheno will field your emails and forward them on to VNU exhibitions, so please send any comments or suggestions to

For an idea of the sort of topics on which your views are sought see the list below.

What would you like to learn about?

What speakers would youlike to see there?
What practical information do you want to have?
Do you want the opportunity to speak to MDs?
Do you want ‘how to sell’ sessions?
Do you want product presentations?

What are your experiences of exhibitions?

What is you favourite feature of an event?
What makes you go to an exhibition?
What do you want to get out of the show?
How can exhibitors attract visitors to their stand?
What is the best stand you’ve ever seen?
What turns you off an event?
What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had at an event?

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