Following the recent acquisition of ATI, AMD saw its GPU division fall in all segments during Q3, leaving rival Nvidia to gain market share. 

Nvidia pushes ahead of ATI in Q3

ATI’s share of the computer orientated graphics market dropped from 28 per cent in Q2 to 23 per cent in Q3, according to findings from Jon Peddie Research. At the same time, Nvidia’s market share rose to 22 per cent – placing it just one per cent behind the rival firm. Intel maintained its 40 per cent market- leading share. Meanwhile in Q3, Nvidia shipped more discrete mobile GPUs than ATI, the former’s market share rising from 37 per cent to 53 per cent, while the latter’s fell from 63 per cent to 47 per cent.

Nvidia also nudged ahead of its rival in the desktop graphics market, taking 25 per cent sector while ATI slid down to 22 per cent. While ATI stayed ahead in the mobile market with a 24 per cent hold, Nvidia’s 19 per cent share represents a strong eight per cent rise.

Elsewhere in JPR’s findings, of the 76 million PC graphics products shipped in Q3, 53 million were desktop parts and the rest went to laptops. Of that 53 million, 31.7 million units were graphics engines integrated into chipsets. On the whole, graphics product shipments were up by 5.2 per cent in Q3, and 11.2 per cent year on year. Discrete and integrated shipments were up year on year by 6.8 per cent and 3.3 per cent respectively. Mobile shipments rose 13.8 per cent during the quarter, and gained 30.2 per cent on the same period last year.

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