Online PC giant Dell has suggested it may open retail shops in Britain, breaking from its 22-year custom of only selling over the phone and via the internet.

Dell stores to hit High Street?

Following the opening of an experimental retail outlet in Texas, Dell’s chief executive Kevin Rollins has pointed out that the same sales route could be applied to the British market. The move goes against the firm’s traditional business model of selling directly to customers, an approach that removes delivery chains and stock issues.

The experimental shop opened in Dallas, Texas in July and was set up to combat rival stores from Apple and Sony. “The test store is exceeding our expectations,” Rollins told The Sunday Telegraph. “ We could possibly try a number of markets, particularly where we have a fairly large consumer base and the UK is one of those.”

Britain was the first overseas market Dell moved into before going global, and is the firm’s largest source of income outside the US. A move into the High Street will set off alarm bells at rival retail chains and independents, who are already pressured by Dell’s online presence and notorious price cutting. However, Dell has reportedly denied that it will dramatically change the way it does business – 60 per cent of which is conducted over the internet and 30 per cent by phone.

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