Computer buying group Brigantia is set to introduce a ‘bespoke build’ element to its Buyguard warranty scheme.

Brigantia extends Buyguard to bespoke systems

Reflecting the rising demand in recent years for individually tailored PCs, Brigantia will introduce a system which safeguards them in the same way that Buyguard currently protects factory built models – further strengthening the scheme which was launched in September. Currently it is mainly targeted at the home and SME markets, as in the past these are the areas which have suffered the most from losing contractual support when firms go bust.

“This really is a wonderful way to give consumers that piece of mind which has been an issue for so many years,” said Clive Bishop, head of Brigantia Buyguard. “Despite the simplicity of the concept it is a very complex scheme to ensure all the elements come together effectively. It is wonderful to see all this come together for the benefit of consumers.”

Buyguard, featured in the October edition of PC Retail, was created to bolster consumer confidence in the PC market following the collapse of many high profile resellers. It provides the consumer with a national warranty which ensures that if a reseller ceases trading, the required repair work will be honoured by another Brigantia member. In a further drive to restore faith in the sector, the buying group also contracted Enta and Fortune to build a range of PCs and notebooks to a qualitative specification set by itself to be sold at a uniform pricing level.

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