Redten Internet, a subsidiary of Watford Electronics, has announced a broadband deal which includes a £500 PC bundle as part of a £19.99 per month, three year broadband contract.

New broadband package includes free ?500 PC

The bundle has been created in partnership with BT Wholesale, Intel, Microsoft and LG Electronics and includes an LG flat-screen monitor, Microsoft Windows XP MCE 2005 operating system, Intel Pentium 4 processor, DVD writer, multimedia functionality and stereo speakers. The package is backed by a 3-year warranty and an anti-virus and parental-control software suite.

Beyond its promise of providing a personal computer as part of its broadband offer, Redten Internet will also be providing 365-day telephone technical support throughout the length of the customer relationship, free software titles, free operating system upgrade voucher, free upgrade of bandwidth and an automatic upgrade of computer when the three-year contract is renewed.

The move is bound to further intensify the battle for the UK broadband market, with a number of ‘free’ broadband packages already on offer. It will also add to the growing trend of commoditisation within the PC market.

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