Rumours pointing towards a possible takeover of graphics specialist Nvidia by chip giant Intel have caused the former’s share prices to climb more than eight per cent this week – though anything resembling official backing the rumours is noticeable by its absence.

Intel takeover rumour fuels Nvidia stock price surge

Speculation about such a deal has been circulating in one form or another since June, when rival AMD announced it would be amalgamating with ATI. However this is the first time share prices have experienced a noticeable rise since, which some claim strengthens support for the rumour by itself. The fact that AMD itself bolstered its position by buying a graphics chip specialist sets a precedent for a merger of this kind, meaning any legal protests from Intel’s rivals won’t hold nearly as much weight as it once might have.

Intel and Nvidia have been predictably tight-lipped about the proceedings, leaving any speculation on the potential deal remaining just that. Speaking to Reuters, Intel chairman Craig Barrett said: “We treat investments and things of that sort like fine wine and we never discuss them before their time, so we don’t comment on rumours of that sort.”

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