Supermarket giant Tesco is preparing to release a range of budget own-brand PC software applications, in direct competition with lines currently offered by the likes of Microsoft.

Tesco to launch own-brand software

According to a report on BBC News, six titles which will include office software, security systems, a photo editing application and a CD/DVD burning tool will be available for under £20 – significantly undercutting the rest of the sector.

Tesco’s range of software was developed with UK distributor Formjet, and will be available in 100 Tesco stores from late October. The budget price tags are designed to open up what Tesco sees as a market that has in the past offered the consumer limited options. “When it comes to software there is little choice and prices are high,” said Tesco buyer Daniel Cook. “Our range of software changes this, bringing choice and value to the market that has offered little of either for too long.”

The move is the latest in a line of aggressive stances which has driven the supermarket’s penetration of non-food sectors – including video games, CDs, DVDs, insurance and broadband services – and follows the announcement of its new home shopping service for 8,000 of its items. Analysts are expecting the supermarket giant to announce half-year profits of more than £1 billion later this week.

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