New service capable of 16,000 home visits per week.

DSGi gets into tech support

DSG international, the owner of PC World and Currys, has announced the launch of a new on site technical support service, which will make 3,000 advisors available for 24/7 assistance throughout the UK.

Chirpily called “The Tech Guys”, the service has apparently been launched in response to the greater complexity of equipment appearing in the average home. Another view, however, could be that it is a further admission, following the withdrawal of the Dixons brand from the high street, that there is insufficient margin in selling product alone.

John Clare, group chief executive of DSGi, said:“As the UK gears up for one of the most important technological transitions in 100 years, for which the majority of consumers are not prepared, we’re creating a national support operation to help customers navigate their way around the digital universe. The forthcoming national digital switchover programme, combined with the rapid development of digital technology, will have a huge effect on every home in the and create an unparalleled level of demand for expert technical advice.”

He added: “Technology is the circuitry of modern day life and has become as important a utility as water, electricity and gas.Domestic technical support rapidly will become as commonplace, if not more so, as visits from plumbers and electricians, which is why we are transforming our customer service proposition. And we’re offering this service to everyone, regardless of where they’ve bought their technology.”

DSGi estimates that the market for digital support services is worth £1billion in the UK alone.With customers’ increasing reliance on technology throughout the day, it predicts that this market could double in size within 5 years. DSGi claims The Tech Guys will create ‘potentially’ 2,000 new jobs.

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