PC software giant Avanquest has consolidated its position in the UK with the acquisition of FastTrak. The former MD of FastTrak, Jon Silvera, is to take over running of the Avanquest UK retail division.

Avanquest snaps up FastTrak

Chris Thompson, MD of Avanquest said “The FastTrak acquisition is rich in synergy. FastTrak operates in the same channels where Avanquest is already successful.The immediate integration of this skilful team and excellent product portfolio provides the ingredients for a new sales velocity in our joint business, making us without doubt one of the UK’s leading consumer software publishers.”

A renowned publisher with more than 10 years experience in the retail market, FastTrak has built solid partnerships with the main players on the distribution network. With the support of 12 employees, FastTrak publishes a catalogue of innovative software titles aimed at the consumer market, featuring good price/quality ratios and including, most notably, lines from publishers such as Punch, Data Becker and Auran.

Since FastTrak’s business model is similar to that of Avanquest UK Publishing, the teams will reinforce each other and will be integrated quickly.Jon Silvera, general manager of FastTrak and major shareholder, will assume the management of Avanquest UK’s consumer/retail division. “We are absolutely thrilled to join Avanquest Software and most particularly to work in perfect unison with Avanquest . The synergy between our teams and our lines will considerably reinforce our mutual influence on the retail market,” he said.

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